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About Us

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Smoke Ring BBQ pellets were created with restaurateurs and competitive BBQ teams in mind. They are manufactured only with the labeled species of wood. This factor allows professionals and amateurs confidence in a consistent smoke. Introduced by Kirtland Products LLC, Smoke Ring Pellets feature five species of wood and blends that are always true to their labels and contain no fillers.
“Kirtland Products is proud to bring our pellet expertise into the BBQ world. We look forward to providing restaurants, competition teams, and BBQ enthusiasts with the highest level of customer service along with the highest quality BBQ pellet at an affordable price.

Conceived in 2016, Smoke Ring BBQ Pellets have seen dramatic growth throughout the United States and Europe. As they continue to forge into new markets, they will continue to collaborate with BBQ restaurants and experts who are looking for the highest quality wood pellets and preferred dealers who are committed to providing quality pellets at competitive prices.